Acta Student Awards for Acta BioMaterialia

acta_biomaterialiaThe Acta Journals, Acta Materialia, Scripta Materialia and Acta Biomaterialia, are pleased to announce the Acta Student Awards. There will be twelve awards of $2,000, four each for Acta Materialia, Scripta Materialia and Acta Biomaterialia.


  1. The Acta Student Award associated with Acta Biomaterialia is limited to candidates whose work was reported in Acta Biomaterialia and who were bona fi de graduate students at the time the work was performed.
  2. The candidate for the award must have made the major contribution to the work reported.
  3. Any student author of a paper published in Acta Biomaterialia during any one calendar year is eligible for an award in the following year.
  4. The candidates should submit a nomination letter from their research advisor or a senior member of their faculty.
  5. In addition, candidates should personally submit their own letter of introduction as a cover letter that provides complete contact information, together with two additional supporting letters, a copy of their Acta Biomaterialia publication showing a publication date in the previous year (regardless of when it appeared online), and their curriculum vitae.
  6. Students who have written a single-author paper are also required to submit the same letter of nomination and supporting letters.
  7. Nominations based on manuscripts published during the previous calendar year must be submitted before May 31st of the nomination year. All application materials must be submitted by the student online by logging onto as an author and selecting Student Award Application as the Article Type in the pull-down menu.


Evaluation and Awards

  1. Nominations will be evaluated by a committee of the Coordinating Editor, Professor Subhash Mahajan, and the editors, including Acta Biomaterialia Editor-in-Chief, William R. Wagner, PhD.
  2. Candidates will be notified of the Committee’s decisions by July 31st, and a public announcement of the awards will appear in the next available issue of each Acta Journal. In addition, a suitable presentation format will be arranged.