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Professor Peter D. Lee

Associate Editor

Department of Mechanical Engineering, University College London

[email protected]

Peter D. Lee is Professor of Materials and Royal Academy of Engineering Chair in Emerging Technology in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at University College London.

He has worked on the characterisation and modelling microstructures for over 30 years in both Industry (at Alcan International, 1988-93) and in academia (at Imperial College London 1994-2011, Manchester 2011-18 and UCL 2018-current). He has an undergraduate degree in engineering science, an MSc in materials science from the University of Toronto, and a D.Phil. in materials science from the University of Oxford. His research is focussed on developing and applying computational models and x-ray imaging to quantify the formation of microstructures and influence on properties in materials from superalloys to biomaterials. Among his various awards are his appointment as a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineers, the IOM3, the ICME, and the Grunfeld and Hunt Medals. He is a Chartered Engineer and Scientist.