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The Sponsoring & Cooperating Societies

ASM INTERNATIONAL and THE MINERALS, METALS & MATERIALS SOCIETY (TMS) are the sponsoring societies who supported the formation of Acta Materialia in 1953. Cooperating Societies are technical or professional societies that have been approved by the Acta Board of Governors. These societies have agreed to assist with development of the Acta Materialia journals and other corporation activities by offering candidates for the Acta Board of Governors. The Acta Board of Governors, which consists of fifteen total members, of which six are Sponsoring Society members and four are Cooperating Society members, establishes the operating procedures and policies for Acta Materialia, Inc. and oversees the publishing of the four Acta journals. Acta Materialia, Inc. is grateful for the continuing support of these societies and for continuing to expand and build the Materials Science community.