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Professor Stefano Curtarolo


Materials Science, Electrical Engineering and Physics, Duke University


[email protected]

Stefano Curtarolo is a Distinguished Professor of Materials Science, Electrical Engineering and Physics at Duke University. Curtarolo is an AI-Materials Scientist. His research interests lie at the intersection of materials science, artificial intelligence, and autonomous discovery of new materials. His current research focuses on theory and discovery of disordered super-hard and ultra-high-temperature ceramics (entropy-stabilized-oxides, high-entropy-carbides) and machine learning approaches to phase stability of alloys. After graduating from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he joined Duke University in 2003. Since then, he has received many national/international awards and recognitions. At Duke, he directs the Center for Autonomous Materials Design, which has started and currently maintains the AFLOW international data-consortium about materials’ information and development tools. The Center and the consortium organize educational and outreach initiatives in accelerated materials design.